Day 635/7

Benjamin wrapped up his first week of reinduction today. Other than Dexamethasone, he got a break from chemotherapeutic medicines–a day off, except for allopurinol, Zantac, calcium, fluids, baking soda rinses, blood draws and vital signs. We used the day off to complete more schoolwork and communicate with Benji’s teachers about future lessons. Benji is caught… Continue Reading Day 635/7

Day 628

I expected a big challenge today. Instead, Benjamin totally rose to the occasion. He has been an absolute joy, even with no food and a totally empty gastrointestinal tract, all day long. Benjamin’s platelets reached an all time low of 2,000 this morning. Our daytime nurse rushed to get him a transfusion before the ambulance… Continue Reading Day 628

Day 623

Sleep was elusive again last night. We are entering a new season of scans and waiting times and I couldn’t quiet my mind. This morning’s bridge walk with my dear friend was sorely needed. Benji’s hands itched again today. It doesn’t seem related to Septra. Maybe his night sweating is intensifying his detoxification? I don’t… Continue Reading Day 623

Day 621

Last night it was Benji’s turn to have a nightmare. He woke up so scared, but wouldn’t tell me what he was dreaming about. He didn’t want to go back to sleep. I kept saying, it’s a good thing it was only a dream. It’s a good thing it was only a dream. Benji walked down… Continue Reading Day 621

Day 617

The boys have had a wonderful day. It’s Friday. They both knocked their tests out of the park. Kathy, Gana, and Uncle Bob brought them lunch to their schools. They each came home with a friend and spent the afternoon playing in the rain. In the evening we enjoyed a nice Italian dinner with our… Continue Reading Day 617

Day 601

Today was easier than yesterday. The fears ebbed and flowed, but I was able to dismiss them almost as quickly as they came. You have no place here. You are not serving me. You are not serving Benjamin. You are not serving my family. You may go. Michael was right; this feels like another diagnosis all over again,… Continue Reading Day 601