Benjamin has been away from this world for 65 days. These last two weeks have been cathartic, fascinating, riveting, unexpected and reassuring. As this Easter season comes to a close, I am filled with a sense of renewal. Reaffirmed faith. Belief in the new growth on the trees. Appreciation for the plump caterpillar, unaware of his… Continue Reading Renewal.


“Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.” –C.S. Lewis Once upon a time, there lived a wonderful boy. He had hair of gold, eyes of the ocean, and a lion’s heart. His name was Benjamin Wilson Gilkey. Just after… Continue Reading Obituary.


Nothing within us was prepared to say goodbye to Benjamin’s body, yet it could not have been a more beautiful experience. The pace of the day was slow and sweet. There was no rush. There was no stress. We woke up early, knowing what was ahead of us, and we took our time. We drank… Continue Reading Goodbye.

Day 770/142

Comments will be disabled for the foreseeable future as our family focuses on Benjamin’s peaceful passage. Your love and prayers are acutely felt and deeply appreciated. There has been another shift of energy in this room. We feel it, our families feel it, our nurses feel it, our community feels it. Mostly, Benjamin feels it.… Continue Reading Day 770/142

Day 765/137

The parallels between birth and death continue to make themselves obvious. Both processes have a natural ebb and flow. When there is a deep breath, it is followed by a much needed exhale. When there is a moment of intense pain, it is followed by relaxation and normalcy. These slow waves allow for proper pause,… Continue Reading Day 765/137