Day 634/6

We enjoyed another restful night on the seventh floor. Benjamin woke up in a good mood. We compromised on a schedule for the day upon which we could both agree; one that included plenty of time for schoolwork, chemo, exercise, rest, and fun. Dr. Mayer is on rounds up here this week. Shari came in… Continue Reading Day 634/6

Day 601

Today was easier than yesterday. The fears ebbed and flowed, but I was able to dismiss them almost as quickly as they came. You have no place here. You are not serving me. You are not serving Benjamin. You are not serving my family. You may go. Michael was right; this feels like another diagnosis all over again,… Continue Reading Day 601

Day 581

Our bags are packed and our alarms are set. We leave for Camp Highlands in the morning. This will be Benji’s first flight since he was diagnosed. I am so excited. I had a crazy case of food poisoning I had to get past this morning. I’m so thankful it was over quickly. Benjamin was… Continue Reading Day 581

Day 375

Yesterday was such a solidly restorative day. I woke up feeling accomplished, laundry done, lunches packed, broth made, pill box filled. I decided it was time to go to back the office, if only for a few hours. It felt so good to be so singularly focused on work again, in a way that I’m unable… Continue Reading Day 375