Rays Up for Research

Join the Tampa Bay Rays and friends and family of Benjamin Gilkey as we cheer for Benji’s favorite team while raising money for life saving cancer research. A portion of the proceeds from these ticket sales will benefit The Benjamin Gilkey Fund for Innovative Pediatric Cancer Research, which exists to fuel the passions of investigative… Continue Reading Rays Up for Research

Day 643/15

Benjamin’s sleepiness continues as his counts keep dropping. He didn’t wake up until morning rounds, when he heard me talking with Dr. Moore and our nursing team. There were no changes to report, just a plan for the day that would accommodate Benji’s Dasatanib, Vincristine, Dexrazoxane, Daunorubicin, and final Erwinia shots. Aunt Sarah brought Benji… Continue Reading Day 643/15

Day 611

Benjamin woke up early with a very sore tummy. Only the bath would make him feel better; he wanted no Kytril, no Zantac, nothing. I’m curious to see what his upcoming scopes will reveal. My aunt, who takes Prednisone for an autoimmune disorder, developed an ulcer because of the steroid. Benjamin’s tummy pains tend to… Continue Reading Day 611

Day 601

Today was easier than yesterday. The fears ebbed and flowed, but I was able to dismiss them almost as quickly as they came. You have no place here. You are not serving me. You are not serving Benjamin. You are not serving my family. You may go. Michael was right; this feels like another diagnosis all over again,… Continue Reading Day 601