Day 642/14

Benjamin’s reinduction phase is halfway complete. He took his last dose of Dexamethasone tonight. His allopurinol has been discontinued because his uric acid has stabilized, as has his phosphorous, sodium and calcium. His internal rapid response team is backing off a little, making way for the next line of defense. Things feel a little less… Continue Reading Day 642/14

Day 621

Last night it was Benji’s turn to have a nightmare. He woke up so scared, but wouldn’t tell me what he was dreaming about. He didn’t want to go back to sleep. I kept saying,┬áit’s a good thing it was only a dream. It’s a good thing it was only a dream. Benji walked down… Continue Reading Day 621

Day 616

Sometimes people just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Today, it was Benjamin. As with everything “off,” I wondered if it was cancer-related–or if it just was. Is his body detoxifying and making him feel extra crappy? Is he more tired than usual? Is he in pain? Or is he just an… Continue Reading Day 616

Day 596

Today was a day of processing. I felt tired when I woke up this morning. Exhausted, actually. I was planning to drive to my mom’s house in Winter Park tonight to prepare for her 70th birthday party tomorrow–instead I feel I have no real physical choice in the matter. I need to go to bed.… Continue Reading Day 596