Day 758/130

Everything seemed to takeĀ forever today. I don’t know how much of this is based in reality and how much stems from my own anxiety. Benjamin has received his three doses of chemotherapy, but the first wasn’t hung until almost 9pm. Benjamin continues to sleep quite a lot. It’s his escape from pain and it’s fine… Continue Reading Day 758/130

Day 757/129

Benjamin was sitting on the toilet at 3am. He had just vomited and the basin was still full at my feet. His head rested on my belly while I held the tubes for his IV fluid and liquid nutrition up off of the floor with one hand, and scratched his back with the other. We… Continue Reading Day 757/129

Day 650/22

So much information to process, constantly. So many opportunities to wander down dangerous roads, mentally. The rewards are great when the mind is quiet and presence comes easy. Benjamin and I tried to sleep as best we could, but last night’s dose of lasix woke us up hourly for urine collection. It was effective, however.… Continue Reading Day 650/22

Day 643/15

Benjamin’s sleepiness continues as his counts keep dropping. He didn’t wake up until morning rounds, when he heard me talking with Dr. Moore and our nursing team. There were no changes to report, just a plan for the day that would accommodate Benji’s Dasatanib, Vincristine, Dexrazoxane, Daunorubicin, and final Erwinia shots. Aunt Sarah brought Benji… Continue Reading Day 643/15

Day 636/8

Today was Day 8 of Benjamin’s reinduction therapy. He has had chemotherapy in nearly every way possible today. Through it all his attitude has been sparkly and sweet. He has been patient and calm. He has kept the nurses happy and kept our spirits strong. Since Benji couldn’t eat this morning, I tried to let… Continue Reading Day 636/8

Day 635/7

Benjamin wrapped up his first week of reinduction today. Other than Dexamethasone, he got a break from chemotherapeutic medicines–a day off, except for allopurinol, Zantac, calcium, fluids, baking soda rinses, blood draws and vital signs. We used the day off to complete more schoolwork and communicate with Benji’s teachers about future lessons. Benji is caught… Continue Reading Day 635/7