Day 620

I had an alligator dream last night. I used to have them all the time; they have been the subject of a large portion of my life’s nightmares. It’s been quite a while since one has appeared. I could see last night’s monster, large and smiling, under the surface of some cloudy body of water.… Continue Reading Day 620

Day 603

I didn’t tell Benji’s teacher about his bruises. He knows to be especially careful right now, and he certainly knows when to call me. Fortunately his bruising seems to be dissipating a bit, not worsening. I dropped both boys off for their first Friday of the schoolyear, then headed north for my second session with… Continue Reading Day 603

Day 602

These are interesting days. After Benjamin woke up he clutched his tummy and asked for Kytril. By the time we got to school, he was totally fine and eager to play with his friends. I gave his teacher a heads up just in case, followed up with an apology for giving her so much information during these first… Continue Reading Day 602

Day 601

Today was easier than yesterday. The fears ebbed and flowed, but I was able to dismiss them almost as quickly as they came. You have no place here. You are not serving me. You are not serving Benjamin. You are not serving my family. You may go. Michael was right; this feels like another diagnosis all over again,… Continue Reading Day 601

Day 375

Yesterday was such a solidly restorative day. I woke up feeling accomplished, laundry done, lunches packed, broth made, pill box filled. I decided it was time to go to back the office, if only for a few hours. It felt so good to be so singularly focused on work again, in a way that I’m unable… Continue Reading Day 375

An Unexpected Journey

Well, we didn’t ring in the New Year exactly as planned. On New Year’s Eve, Benjamin the Brave was diagnosed with Leukemia. On New Year’s Day it was given a more specific name: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We are all still spinning from this news but feel greatly comforted in the capable hands here at All… Continue Reading An Unexpected Journey