Day 629/1

Benjamin slept soundly. He received a platelet transfusion in the night, and another one when he woke up, elevating his platelet level to 47,000–just below the threshold required for his colonoscopy and endoscopy. The team was satisfied with this number, so we moved forward. Day One. Michael and Banyan arrived just before the doctors made… Continue Reading Day 629/1

Day 628

I expected a big challenge today. Instead, Benjamin totally rose to the occasion. He has been an absolute joy, even with no food and a totally empty gastrointestinal tract, all day long. Benjamin’s platelets reached an all time low of 2,000 this morning. Our daytime nurse rushed to get him a transfusion before the ambulance… Continue Reading Day 628

Day 622

I broke my own rule last night and stayed up way, way, way too late researching. My mind was in turbo mode after our Moffitt meeting. I thought it would be safe to lift my moratorium, but it was not. I was kind of wrecked today. This will not happen again. Today contained some frustrating phone calls.… Continue Reading Day 622

Day 607

We got home last night this morning at 3am. Benjamin went through the highly invasive emergency room protocol: port access, peripheral poking and blood draw, insanely sticky nodes on his chest, prophylactic intravenous antibiotics, a bolus of saline, a chest x-ray, and a respiratory viral swab that went way, way too far up the nasal… Continue Reading Day 607

Day 606

Benjamin’s fever remained low grade throughout the night. He slept well, but he was super tired this morning. So was Banyan. I think Banyan has successfully fought this virus, and was in the throes of doing so when he woke up. He never reached even a state of congestion, let alone fever, but he was weak… Continue Reading Day 606