Day 737/109

It sure was nice to make breakfast in my own kitchen this morning. Benjamin woke up feeling strong. He was hungry and ready for action. He was excited to eat, but midway through his meal, his stomach pain brought him to tears. Michael and I thought we had noticed a pattern forming; the same thing happened… Continue Reading Day 737/109

Day 706/78

Benjamin has received his first dose of Inotuzumab. Its administration went smoothly, and he tolerated it well. We both slept as long as we could this morning. We tried to do schoolwork, but Benji didn’t feel well when he woke up, and I didn’t push it. He was sore at his catheter site and in… Continue Reading Day 706/78

Day 697/69

We both slept so soundly last night. I jumped up at shift change, hopeful, while Benji caught the last of his twelve hours. Benji’s labs showed a doubling of white blood cells as well as neutrophils (his ANC is 120). His blast percentage stayed the same, but that means the number of blasts doubled as… Continue Reading Day 697/69

Day 696/68

Benji slept a lot better last night. We both did. He woke up for the day and coughed for quite some time, but cleared his lungs and moved on. He asked for a hot bath to bring him comfort. The cough disappeared with the daylight hours. This morning’s numbers were sobering. The bright spot was… Continue Reading Day 696/68

Day 686/58

Benji slept for twelve hours last night. I could tell it would be a long rest when he fell asleep. He needed it. The round of chemotherapy Benji finished yesterday is working quickly to suppress his marrow. All of his counts are dropping. His white blood cell count this morning was just over a thousand,… Continue Reading Day 686/58

Day 678/50

Benjamin slept well last night. I woke up at shift change and nervously looked at his lab report. It looks like yesterday’s blast number was indeed a product of his steroids. Today’s numbers were more indicative that the Blinatumomab isn’t working, even at this higher dose–at least not yet. His blasts are up to 54.3%,… Continue Reading Day 678/50