Day 753/125

It was still dark this morning when Benjamin woke up wincing. He said he’d had a bad dream. I asked him to tell me about it, he said he forgot, and went right back to sleep. I looked at the foggy sky, barely pink with the sunrise, and told myself if I could make out the Skyway,… Continue Reading Day 753/125

Day 650/22

So much information to process, constantly. So many opportunities to wander down dangerous roads, mentally. The rewards are great when the mind is quiet and presence comes easy. Benjamin and I tried to sleep as best we could, but last night’s dose of lasix woke us up hourly for urine collection. It was effective, however.… Continue Reading Day 650/22

Day 642/14

Benjamin’s reinduction phase is halfway complete. He took his last dose of Dexamethasone tonight. His allopurinol has been discontinued because his uric acid has stabilized, as has his phosphorous, sodium and calcium. His internal rapid response team is backing off a little, making way for the next line of defense. Things feel a little less… Continue Reading Day 642/14

Day 635/7

Benjamin wrapped up his first week of reinduction today. Other than Dexamethasone, he got a break from chemotherapeutic medicines–a day off, except for allopurinol, Zantac, calcium, fluids, baking soda rinses, blood draws and vital signs. We used the day off to complete more schoolwork and communicate with Benji’s teachers about future lessons. Benji is caught… Continue Reading Day 635/7

Day 631/3

Our night nurse was wonderful. Perfectly stealthy, kind, gentle and more than competent. She drew labs at 6:30am, and the numbers came back during shift change. They made me a little nervous. Benji’s white blood cell count, which had been decreasing with his leukemia blasts, went up slightly. His blasts only decreased by a few… Continue Reading Day 631/3

Day 629/1

Benjamin slept soundly. He received a platelet transfusion in the night, and another one when he woke up, elevating his platelet level to 47,000–just below the threshold required for his colonoscopy and endoscopy. The team was satisfied with this number, so we moved forward. Day One. Michael and Banyan arrived just before the doctors made… Continue Reading Day 629/1