Day 748/120

Benjamin and I woke up during the morning blood draw. It was still dark. Our nurse had to do a cap change on Benjamin’s IV line because he got transfusions yesterday. The process is slightly more invasive than a normal draw; we both have to wear hats and masks, and we are a little out… Continue Reading Day 748/120

Day 746/118

This has been our longest stretch away from the hospital since October. It’s been sweet, nourishing, comforting, and necessary. And I am so ready for it to end. Benjamin needs treatment. He is in pain more frequently and for longer periods of time now, and it is all stemming from his spleen. Tonight he said… Continue Reading Day 746/118

Day 657/29

Neither of us slept very well last night. Benjamin needed platelets to prepare him for today’s lumbar puncture, so our room filled with nurses at 3am, and at fifteen minute intervals thereafter. Morning labs were drawn at 6, and the results showed that his platelets had jumped to 28,000–just shy of the 30,000 necessary for… Continue Reading Day 657/29

Day 636/8

Today was Day 8 of Benjamin’s reinduction therapy. He has had chemotherapy in nearly every way possible today. Through it all his attitude has been sparkly and sweet. He has been patient and calm. He has kept the nurses happy and kept our spirits strong. Since Benji couldn’t eat this morning, I tried to let… Continue Reading Day 636/8

Day 635/7

Benjamin wrapped up his first week of reinduction today. Other than Dexamethasone, he got a break from chemotherapeutic medicines–a day off, except for allopurinol, Zantac, calcium, fluids, baking soda rinses, blood draws and vital signs. We used the day off to complete more schoolwork and communicate with Benji’s teachers about future lessons. Benji is caught… Continue Reading Day 635/7

Day 551

Today, Benji began theĀ fourth of eleven total 84-day cycles during this long term maintenance phase of treatment. It has been a very long day, for Benjamin especially. I am so thankful he is sleeping peacefully now. The morning didn’t start so smoothly. Benji woke up crying from his worst ear pain yet after tossing and… Continue Reading Day 551