We’re learning lessons every day. Yesterday was our first day back. Michael went to work, Banyan went to school, and I packed my schedule in preparation for Benjamin’s Celebration of Life*. By the end of the day, I was kind of wrecked. We all were. I hadn’t given myself the space to just sit, to be… Continue Reading Balance.

Day 697/69

We both slept so soundly last night. I jumped up at shift change, hopeful, while Benji caught the last of his twelve hours. Benji’s labs showed a doubling of white blood cells as well as neutrophils (his ANC is 120). His blast percentage stayed the same, but that means the number of blasts doubled as… Continue Reading Day 697/69

Day 684/56

Benji slept through the night and didn’t need any more morphine or hot baths. I had a great feeling about today. I jumped up at shift change, excited to see Benji’s lab numbers rather than dreading them. It was the best screen I’ve seen in many, many days. Benji’s white blood cell count went down… Continue Reading Day 684/56