Day 623

Sleep was elusive again last night. We are entering a new season of scans and waiting times and I couldn’t quiet my mind. This morning’s bridge walk with my dear friend was sorely needed. Benji’s hands itched again today. It doesn’t seem related to Septra. Maybe his night sweating is intensifying his detoxification? I don’t… Continue Reading Day 623

Day 620

I had an alligator dream last night. I used to have them all the time; they have been the subject of a large portion of my life’s nightmares. It’s been quite a while since one has appeared. I could see last night’s monster, large and smiling, under the surface of some cloudy body of water.… Continue Reading Day 620

Day 618

Everyone in our house did exactly what brought them peace this morning. Michael and Benjamin woke up before dawn to go fishing (Benji practically sprang out of bed). I loaded up my paddleboard and went for a sunrise solo venture through the mangroves and into the Gulf. And Banyan, the pre-teen, took advantage of his recently… Continue Reading Day 618