It’s been a long thirty days. Today is the last day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I understood going into September that this national, annual campaign is an opportunity to capitalize on people’s attentiveness. To educate, to advocate, and to fundraise for research. This was true last September as well, and during the Septembers when… Continue Reading September

The Twelfth Moon

Twelve moons have waxed full Since you took your last sweet breath. I don’t understand.   On your first birthday, We celebrated milestones: Sitting, crawling, words.   You could say mama, You laughed with your whole body, You took steps. We cheered!   Those moons waxed slowly, Invitations to reflect: Oh my! How you’ve grown!… Continue Reading The Twelfth Moon

The Longest Night

Benjamin was born on the longest night of 2007. It was the night of the Winter Solstice, the night before a full moon, and one of the two proudest nights of my life. Throughout my gigantic second pregnancy, I referred to my child in utero as my little bird. It wasn’t exactly a practical decision;… Continue Reading The Longest Night

Sweet Mother Mary

Sweet Mother Mary, Please help me through these next forty days. Carry me to his great grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. Help me see his shadow in the pine trees. Help me hear his laughter in the crackling fire. Help me hold space for his father, who used to find such comfort there, and for his… Continue Reading Sweet Mother Mary


We are approaching six months since Benjamin died, and every day I am learning new lessons. Some days I cannot move, and some days I find it easy to feel joy, to see beauty in a way I never saw it before. Most days I wonder what is real, and how time can be such… Continue Reading Surprises.