Day 680/52

Benjamin’s path has been made clear, and it leads to Philadelphia. Our morning began with an encouraging lab report. Benjamin’s platelets would need transfusion, but his white blood cell count came down also, and his blasts decreased to 48%. I thought it was probably just sample bias, but it was still refreshing. Yesterday’s number (80%)… Continue Reading Day 680/52

Day 671/43

Benji’s Blinatumomab began its slow drip at 5:12 this morning. Twenty hours in, and so far, so good. It seems like such a mundane phrase for such a big day. Mundane is just fine with me. Our sweet nurse woke me up, per request, before she hung the medicine. I put my hand on Benji’s… Continue Reading Day 671/43

Day 659/31

Benjamin didn’t get up at all last night to use the bathroom, but when he woke up this morning, he corrected his problem with a record-breaking liter of urine. I’ve never seen so many people get excited over a single pee. The next measures would have been drastic and uncomfortable and I’m super thankful that… Continue Reading Day 659/31

Day 653/25

Benjamin had a great day today, despite plummeting numbers. His neutrophil count is just 40. That’s lower than it’s been in over a year; he has virtually no immune system. I’m grateful we’ve escaped a fever so far and hope the trend continues. His platelet count was at exactly 10,000, but because of the return… Continue Reading Day 653/25

Day 650/22

So much information to process, constantly. So many opportunities to wander down dangerous roads, mentally. The rewards are great when the mind is quiet and presence comes easy. Benjamin and I tried to sleep as best we could, but last night’s dose of lasix woke us up hourly for urine collection. It was effective, however.… Continue Reading Day 650/22

Day 639/11

Benjamin slept quite late this morning. I was relieved when he woke up, went to the bathroom, and balanced his input and output. He won’t need lasix tonight. He is still puffy and his weight is still fluctuating but I’m confident Dexamethasone is to blame, and the nurses seem to agree. For the first hour… Continue Reading Day 639/11