Day 704/76

All of today’s procedures went very smoothly. Benjamin is safe and sound, resting comfortably in his bed on the seventh floor. Benjamin’s scheduled 4am transfusion bumped his platelets from 3,000 to 18,000. It was the first success of the day. But his spleen pain worsened as the sun started to rise. He woke up to… Continue Reading Day 704/76

Day 698/70

It’s our first night in a new room up here on the seventh floor. Tomorrow will be the 30th day of this admission, when we are required to switch rooms, but we decided to move early. There is a lot happening over the next few days that will require our full attention. Last night, our… Continue Reading Day 698/70

Day 697/69

We both slept so soundly last night. I jumped up at shift change, hopeful, while Benji caught the last of his twelve hours. Benji’s labs showed a doubling of white blood cells as well as neutrophils (his ANC is 120). His blast percentage stayed the same, but that means the number of blasts doubled as… Continue Reading Day 697/69

Day 696/68

Benji slept a lot better last night. We both did. He woke up for the day and coughed for quite some time, but cleared his lungs and moved on. He asked for a hot bath to bring him comfort. The cough disappeared with the daylight hours. This morning’s numbers were sobering. The bright spot was… Continue Reading Day 696/68

Day 680/52

Benjamin’s path has been made clear, and it leads to Philadelphia. Our morning began with an encouraging lab report. Benjamin’s platelets would need transfusion, but his white blood cell count came down also, and his blasts decreased to 48%. I thought it was probably just sample bias, but it was still refreshing. Yesterday’s number (80%)… Continue Reading Day 680/52

Day 677/49

Benjamin’s day began at 5:30am, when our night nurse came to deaccess his port. He was sleepy but kind, and understood the plan. The nurse used a fast acting numbing cream and gave him fifteen minutes before coming back in to access. With the cream and dressing on his port, he went back to sleep.… Continue Reading Day 677/49