Day 643/15

Benjamin’s sleepiness continues as his counts keep dropping. He didn’t wake up until morning rounds, when he heard me talking with Dr. Moore and our nursing team. There were no changes to report, just a plan for the day that would accommodate Benji’s Dasatanib, Vincristine, Dexrazoxane, Daunorubicin, and final Erwinia shots. Aunt Sarah brought Benji… Continue Reading Day 643/15

Day 627

Benjamin’s bone marrow aspirate results are in. His marrow is 56% infected with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Of course this isn’t good news, but it is a bit of relief to know it’s a relapse, and not a different (and more difficult to treat) form of leukemia. With this information, Dr. Grana presented the… Continue Reading Day 627

Day 591

Our family enjoyed a sleepy morning before heading south to have brunch with Kathy and Gana. We’d planned to welcome Banyan home from camp by frying the scallops we all caught up in Crystal River earlier this summer. Kathy accompanied the scallops–which were unbelievably delicious–with salmon, cheese grits, shrimp salad and roasted Brussels sprouts. It… Continue Reading Day 591

Day 491

It’s been a beautiful and emotional day. I’m grateful for this sweet white space. I need to shape words around feelings that have no names. The weather has cooled off for the last time before the dog days of summer. It is absolutely perfect outside. I brought both boys lunch at their schools today and… Continue Reading Day 491

Day 424

Benjamin had a follow-up visit with cardiology today. It was an appointment I scheduled months ago, as part of our arrangement to check his suspected patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) annually, and also as a matter of routine following the frontline months. Several of the chemotherapy medicines (doxorubicin most notoriously) can be cardiotoxic. It was time… Continue Reading Day 424