Day 660/32

Today was a good day. I don’t have expectations, but I have hope, and that is a much different and more beautiful animal. Benji and I slept in, Saturday style. We woke up to the words “Good Morning” written in dry erase marker by one of Benji’s favorite nurses on the window of our door.… Continue Reading Day 660/32

Day 658/30

It doesn’t look like we’ll be going home any time soon. Benji was pleased to wake up unhooked from his fluids again. He usually gets up to empty his bladder right away, especially after a night with no bathroom breaks. But this morning the urgency wasn’t there. I asked him if he needed to go,… Continue Reading Day 658/30

Day 294

Benji is feeling better every day, little by little. His body is still quite sore and he gets tired very easily. His belly is tender and hurts frequently. When hunger hits him, he becomes almost as irrational as the weeks he’s on steroids. There are tears, and he can think of little else until the… Continue Reading Day 294

Day 293

Benji will be entering long term maintenance on Tuesday. I need to just let that sink in for a moment. Regardless of how he got here, Benji’s frontline treatment is over. No more long days in the Infusion Center. No more shots in his legs. No more bright red or neon green liquid flowing through his veins.… Continue Reading Day 293