Day 731/103

Benjamin began this New Year with a strong and happy day. He got plenty of sleep last night. He only complained of tummy pain a couple of times, and mildly. His appetite continues to increase and he is slowly gaining weight again. His lab numbers are holding very steady, including his blast percentage (12), and… Continue Reading Day 731/103

Day 669/41

Michael woke us all up this morning to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m so thankful he did. I have tried for 669 days to put into words what this experience feels like. I don’t have the words to describe how much I wanted that sunrise to last. We loaded up Benjamin’s… Continue Reading Day 669/41

Day 660/32

Today was a good day. I don’t have expectations, but I have hope, and that is a much different and more beautiful animal. Benji and I slept in, Saturday style. We woke up to the words “Good Morning” written in dry erase marker by one of Benji’s favorite nurses on the window of our door.… Continue Reading Day 660/32

Day 647/19

Benji woke up feeling happy. His daddy and brother were on their way to see him, and his body felt good. Our favorite nurse was back at morning shift change, and friends were coming to visit later. He just had one piece of uncomfortable business to take care of today: his port reaccess. The rest… Continue Reading Day 647/19

Day 644/16

I woke up early and tried to let Benji sleep as long as he could. When the day shift nurses started coming in, taking vitals, listening to his heart, getting medicines out of the supply cart, and all of the other clankety things that happen in the morning, Benji opened his eyes. The first words… Continue Reading Day 644/16

Day 630/2

Benjamin and I enjoyed a much more relaxing day today. He slept well; I did not, because a floating nurse from PICU kept trying to give Benjamin oxygen. I assured her he didn’t need it. He was sleeping deeply, and I knew those tubes would do more harm than good to his rest. I asked… Continue Reading Day 630/2