Day 686/58

Benji slept for twelve hours last night. I could tell it would be a long rest when he fell asleep. He needed it. The round of chemotherapy Benji finished yesterday is working quickly to suppress his marrow. All of his counts are dropping. His white blood cell count this morning was just over a thousand,… Continue Reading Day 686/58

Day 293

Benji will be entering long term maintenance on Tuesday. I need to just let that sink in for a moment. Regardless of how he got here,¬†Benji’s¬†frontline treatment is over. No more long days in the Infusion Center. No more shots in his legs. No more bright red or neon green liquid flowing through his veins.… Continue Reading Day 293

Day 289

We’ve spent three full weeks in this little room. The lessons have been vast and varied, and they continue to come. Today I had to dismiss some very destructive thinking. It was hard work, but I was rewarded by being fully present for more sweet laughter than I’ve heard in weeks. Our night nurse, while… Continue Reading Day 289

Day 285

Benjamin is no longer in isolation. He has been fever free for well over 24 hours, and his latest swab came back negative for rhinovirus–he doesn’t even have a common cold. This news brought a light and lively mood to morning rounds. Benji’s creatinine level continues to decline; today it was 0.75. His kidneys have… Continue Reading Day 285