Day 675/47

Benjamin’s labs this morning showed a huge increase in leukemia blasts. More than double, up to 52%. We haven’t seen a peripheral number that high since diagnosis. His platelets dropped in half also, down to 9,000. I couldn’t believe what I was groggily seeing on the screen while Benji slept. After the nurses left I… Continue Reading Day 675/47

Day 659/31

Benjamin didn’t get up at all last night to use the bathroom, but when he woke up this morning, he corrected his problem with a record-breaking liter of urine. I’ve never seen so many people get excited over a single pee. The next measures would have been drastic and uncomfortable and I’m super thankful that… Continue Reading Day 659/31

Day 658/30

It doesn’t look like we’ll be going home any time soon. Benji was pleased to wake up unhooked from his fluids again. He usually gets up to empty his bladder right away, especially after a night with no bathroom breaks. But this morning the urgency wasn’t there. I asked him if he needed to go,… Continue Reading Day 658/30