Day 630/2

Benjamin and I enjoyed a much more relaxing day today. He slept well; I did not, because a floating nurse from PICU kept trying to give Benjamin oxygen. I assured her he didn’t need it. He was sleeping deeply, and I knew those tubes would do more harm than good to his rest. I asked… Continue Reading Day 630/2

Day 610

Today marks the halfway point of Benjamin’s 1219 day treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Halfway. The milestone underscored how important it is that I maintain a perspective of presence. I struggled today. I had expectations of reaching this day and feeling celebratory; of standing with Benjamin at the pinnacle of this steep mountain and letting… Continue Reading Day 610

Day 528

I woke up well rested and with a full heart after yesterday’s success, only to learn within moments of the tragedy that struck my childhood town last night. My first reaction was intense anger. I had been┬áso proud of the 33 units of blood we collected yesterday to help cancer families–and this morning, every ounce… Continue Reading Day 528