Day 756/128

The construction crew of the new hospital research building worked all night long last night, pouring the concrete slab on the top floor. Every time Benjamin woke up to urinate, or something beeped, or someone came in to check vitals, I’d glance outside and see men in hardhats dangling from harnesses or climbing up ladders,… Continue Reading Day 756/128

Day 658/30

It doesn’t look like we’ll be going home any time soon. Benji was pleased to wake up unhooked from his fluids again. He usually gets up to empty his bladder right away, especially after a night with no bathroom breaks. But this morning the urgency wasn’t there. I asked him if he needed to go,… Continue Reading Day 658/30

Day 624

They found leukemia blasts in Benjamin’s blood today. I hate that I am typing this right now. I’ve only recently stopped shaking enough to do so. The details of the morning that I would normally be processing here seem faded, muted, like they happened a million years ago; the tears when he was accessed, the… Continue Reading Day 624

Day 292

We slept, and slept, and slept some more last night. Michael got Banyan ready for school this morning and we woke up to see them off, then Benji crawled back into bed with me and there we stayed there untilĀ 10:30am. Michael did an amazing job of keeping up with things on the homefront while we… Continue Reading Day 292

Day 286

Benji’s lips hurt again last night, and he just couldn’t leave them alone. We didn’t get much sleep up here on the seventh floor. Sarah spent the night with us while her kids stayed with our dad (Paw Paw) in a hotel down the road. I was glad to have her here. The morning rounds… Continue Reading Day 286

Day 285

Benjamin is no longer in isolation. He has been fever free for well over 24 hours, and his latest swab came back negative for rhinovirus–he doesn’t even have a common cold. This news brought a light and lively mood to morning rounds. Benji’s creatinine level continues to decline; today it was 0.75. His kidneys have… Continue Reading Day 285