Day 467

Benjamin began his third cycle of long term maintenance today. He woke up calmly and contently. He did not complain when he couldn’t eat breakfast. He did not complain when I placed numbing cream and dressing on his port site. He sat quietly in the car, resolute. His silence concerned me a little, but I bit my… Continue Reading Day 467

Day 327

Our bags are packed and waiting by the door. The four wheelers and dirt bikes are strapped onto the trailer hitched to Michael’s truck. All of the medicines, supplements, oils and tools we truly need are coming with us. The rest we will leave behind. This morning began early for all of us. I’m thankful… Continue Reading Day 327

Day 299

Benjamin began long term maintenance today. (I notice I have a tendency to isolate this fact, like it needs verification. It is still sinking in.) It was a super early morning. We all left when it was still dark outside, and we were a sleepy crew. By the time Banyan and his friends had boarded their… Continue Reading Day 299