Day 727/99

We are still waiting for the results of Benjamin’s bone marrow aspirate, and that’s just fine with me. Despite my best efforts, any time there was a knock at our door today, my heart jumped into my throat. My stomach was in knots. Once we heard that the pathologist wouldn’t be reviewing the results until… Continue Reading Day 727/99

Day 725/97

We’re settled back in here on 7 South. I was up early, packing bags and enjoying the quiet morning light through the windows of our beautiful house. When Benji woke up a little while later he felt awful. His stomach hurt terribly, and I’m sure his imminent return to the hospital wasn’t helping. Michael and… Continue Reading Day 725/97

Day 714/86

Benjamin’s fever took a while to come down last night. He was burning up. When it finally came down we were able to catch a few hours of sleep. His port culture remains negative. Everyone agreed that the fever was a result of the Inotuzumab. I heard that the other child who received a dose… Continue Reading Day 714/86

Day 680/52

Benjamin’s path has been made clear, and it leads to Philadelphia. Our morning began with an encouraging lab report. Benjamin’s platelets would need transfusion, but his white blood cell count came down also, and his blasts decreased to 48%. I thought it was probably just sample bias, but it was still refreshing. Yesterday’s number (80%)… Continue Reading Day 680/52

Day 679/51

This morning’s labs showed another huge increase. Eighty percent of Benjamin’s peripheral blood is infected with leukemia. It’s higher than the day he was diagnosed. I had prepared myself for the probability that the Blinatumomab wouldn’t work at the higher dose, but the number on the screen was still a harsh punch to the gut.… Continue Reading Day 679/51