Day 730/102

We’re watching fireworks over the Skyway from the seventh floor, just like we did on New Year’s Eve two years ago, after our world was turned upside down by Benjamin’s diagnosis. I am relieved to sit with this blank space in front of me. I have been on edge all evening and I need to… Continue Reading Day 730/102

Day 699/71

Benji and I slept soundly in our new bed, in our new room on the seventh floor. His labs were stable again this morning. His neutrophil and white blood cell counts continue to rise. His blasts remained the same, thankfully. Yesterday’s platelet transfusion completely disappeared. He received another bag full as soon as he woke… Continue Reading Day 699/71

Day 698/70

It’s our first night in a new room up here on the seventh floor. Tomorrow will be the 30th day of this admission, when we are required to switch rooms, but we decided to move early. There is a lot happening over the next few days that will require our full attention. Last night, our… Continue Reading Day 698/70

Day 696/68

Benji slept a lot better last night. We both did. He woke up for the day and coughed for quite some time, but cleared his lungs and moved on. He asked for a hot bath to bring him comfort. The cough disappeared with the daylight hours. This morning’s numbers were sobering. The bright spot was… Continue Reading Day 696/68

Day 695/67

It was another night of little sleep. Benji and I stayed up late to watch the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (again), and then, for the second night in a row, he woke up with frequent coughing spells every hour. He would cough in pain and struggle to catch his breath. He drank water… Continue Reading Day 695/67

Day 694/66

We had a rough night up here on 7 South. Benjamin woke up many times coughing, and with each episode he cried in pain. He couldn’t pinpoint where the pain was, just that drinking cool water helped. His sweat filled the bed and his face looked pale. This morning the attending doctor said his lungs… Continue Reading Day 694/66