Day 469

The newly increased dosage of steroids are in FULL effect, and Benji’s only taken five doses. I walked into the boys’ room this morning to wake them up after a gorgeous bridge walk, and Benji SHOT out of bed and said “GOODMORNINGMAMAILOVEYOU!!!!!” and sprang down his loft bed stairs to give me a tight squeeze… Continue Reading Day 469

Day 467

Benjamin began his third cycle of long term maintenance today. He woke up calmly and contently. He did not complain when he couldn’t eat breakfast. He did not complain when I placed numbing cream and dressing on his port site. He sat quietly in the car, resolute. His silence concerned me a little, but I bit my… Continue Reading Day 467

Day 414

I was awake much later than I intended last night. I created a facebook page for the Rainbow Star project. Within minutes, I had four requests for stars.      High risk preB-cell ALL.      Recurrent osteosarcoma which came back in his right lung. Inoperable.      JPA grade 1 hypothalamus brain tumor. 4… Continue Reading Day 414