Day 649/21

Tonight is our 23rd night on the 7th floor. Our longest stay before Benjamin’s relapse was 22 nights. Maybe that’s why things have felt more emotional today. Maybe it’s the autumn outside I know we’re missing. Maybe it’s watching more friends ring their bells and go home. Maybe it’s just okay to feel sad sometimes,… Continue Reading Day 649/21

Day 581

Our bags are packed and our alarms are set. We leave for Camp Highlands in the morning. This will be Benji’s first flight since he was diagnosed. I am so excited. I had a crazy case of food poisoning I had to get past this morning. I’m so thankful it was over quickly. Benjamin was… Continue Reading Day 581

Day 393

As I was preparing for bed last night, I pulled up my email, and saw that Benjamin’s sweet teacher had given me a heads up about some impulsive behavior in class yesterday. Nothing malicious or mean, just impulsive; he interrupted a lot, loudly, and with what sounded like a bit of hysteria. Steroids.┬áThis morning, I… Continue Reading Day 393

Day 312

Today the pendulum swung back in the direction of “normal.” We woke up, kissed daddy goodbye as he started his work week, and got ready for school. Banyan had school basketball tryouts today and packed for a long day away from home. Benjamin had a tender tummy and didn’t want breakfast right away. I packed… Continue Reading Day 312

Day 294

Benji is feeling better every day, little by little. His body is still quite sore and he gets tired very easily. His belly is tender and hurts frequently. When hunger hits him, he becomes almost as irrational as the weeks he’s on steroids. There are tears, and he can think of little else until the… Continue Reading Day 294