Day 667/39

We saw a porpoise from our campsite this morning before I’d even finished my first cup of coffee. Benji’s camper is parked just a few yards from the Indian River, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean at a bike ride’s distance. There’s a paved bike loop around the sites and a fishing pier just a… Continue Reading Day 667/39

Day 645/17

Benjamin was super tired this morning. He slept in later than he has since we’ve been here. I figured after yesterday’s diuretic episode he was probably pretty depleted and needed the rest. Benji was still sleeping and I was making my second cup of coffee when the Child Life Specialist came by. She said she’d… Continue Reading Day 645/17

Day 624

They found leukemia blasts in Benjamin’s blood today. I hate that I am typing this right now. I’ve only recently stopped shaking enough to do so. The details of the morning that I would normally be processing here seem faded, muted, like they happened a million years ago; the tears when he was accessed, the… Continue Reading Day 624