Day 749/121

Today was like one long roller coaster. My stomach hasn’t quite recovered. Things are quiet and peaceful now, and Benjamin is soundly sleeping. For that I am grateful. We woke up at 6am again this morning and Benjamin got straight into the tub, then back to bed for a couple of hours. The morning lab… Continue Reading Day 749/121

Day 607

We got home last night this morning at 3am. Benjamin went through the highly invasive emergency room protocol: port access, peripheral poking and blood draw, insanely sticky nodes on his chest, prophylactic intravenous antibiotics, a bolus of saline, a chest x-ray, and a respiratory viral swab that went way, way too far up the nasal… Continue Reading Day 607

Day 579

Over the bridge we went today. Benjamin woke in good spirits, but his tummy was hurting. He was super hungry but nervous about eating. I reminded him that the last time we went to the hospital, he became nauseous from thinking about the medicine. I suggested that this time he take Kytril before we even… Continue Reading Day 579