Day 492

Today was so fulfilling. I was surrounded by blessings from morning to night. Yesterday’s sadness felt well processed, and the exhaustion that followed was handled by a good night’s sleep. The day began with fresh worry, however. A local little girl with leukemia, also in Maintenance, whose mother comes to tea with me, was admitted… Continue Reading Day 492

Day 491

It’s been a beautiful and emotional day. I’m grateful for this sweet white space. I need to shape words around feelings that have no names. The weather has cooled off for the last time before the dog days of summer. It is absolutely perfect outside. I brought both boys lunch at their schools today and… Continue Reading Day 491

Day 481

Benjamin and I went over the Skyway this afternoon. I picked him up just before lunchtime, and on the north side of the big bridge, we met up with his buddy Cody and his sweet mama at their family-owned burger joint. Cody had just finished with his clinic appointment and we were getting ready for… Continue Reading Day 481

Day 475

I checked in with my online moms’ group to further assuage my guilt for giving Benji his Methotrexate with his 6MP last night. Turns out almost everyone does it that way. I’m glad I asked. When I returned from an early morning at the gym, Benji was clutching his belly on the couch. A few… Continue Reading Day 475