Day 657/29

Neither of us slept very well last night. Benjamin needed platelets to prepare him for today’s lumbar puncture, so our room filled with nurses at 3am, and at fifteen minute intervals thereafter. Morning labs were drawn at 6, and the results showed that his platelets had jumped to 28,000–just shy of the 30,000 necessary for… Continue Reading Day 657/29

Day 468

For the first time since long term maintenance began, Benjamin went to school on the day following a lumbar puncture. I had a feeling he would. He woke up easily and calmly without complaint. He got ready for school without question. The lower dose of propofol yesterday was clutch, I think. By the time I picked the… Continue Reading Day 468

Day 411

There was a lightning storm last night, and our power went out. As a result, our huge scaredy-dogs kept me awake much of the night, shaking at my side, needing reassuring. I canceled my morning bridge walk due to rain and sleep deprivation. I was grateful to have had what little rest I achieved. Banyan walked down… Continue Reading Day 411

Day 60

It was a foggy drive over the Sunshine Skyway this morning. We weren’t sure what to expect today; all we had was an arrival time. We didn’t know the order of Benjamin’s chemotherapy medicines or whether he would even get them all. Michael canceled his workday to be present in case the final lumbar puncture… Continue Reading Day 60

Day 53

We slept soundly last night. I’m so thankful for the rest, the patience, and the mental acuity that sound sleep provided as the day grew on. I’d need it. Benjamin’s morning blood count showed a hemoglobin level of 7.0, which meant another transfusion. I was surprised at how far his levels dropped in little over… Continue Reading Day 53

Day 47

Tuesday mornings are bridge walking mornings. I was grateful for the sunrise, the early start, and the clarity it provided. I felt prepared for the day as Benjamin and I sent Michael off to work, Banyan off to school, and headed north for our clinic visit. As we waited for our meeting with the oncologist and… Continue Reading Day 47