Day 747/119

We’re back on the seventh floor. It’s where we need to be right now. I’ve felt terrified, angry, guilty, relieved, and grateful today. Sitting here to write this feels exhausting, but these are just words. Benjamin has shown me what true resilience is. The sky was cotton candy pink this morning as we left for… Continue Reading Day 747/119

Day 746/118

This has been our longest stretch away from the hospital since October. It’s been sweet, nourishing, comforting, and necessary. And I am so ready for it to end. Benjamin needs treatment. He is in pain more frequently and for longer periods of time now, and it is all stemming from his spleen. Tonight he said… Continue Reading Day 746/118

Day 712/84

Benji woke up before the sun in horrible pain. I wondered what was happening; he felt so much better yesterday! He begged for a bath, but declined pain medicine. The bath made him feel better. When he got out, he vomited. I called our nurse and asked for his Kytril early, then got him comfortably… Continue Reading Day 712/84

Day 707/79

Last night was a rough one. Benjamin woke up several times during our short sleep, unable to find comfort. His spleen hurt worse than it has in weeks. At first I wondered if this was a good sign, maybe some proof that his blood is trying to filter dying leukemia cells. Then my optimism turned… Continue Reading Day 707/79

Day 602

These are interesting days. After Benjamin woke up he clutched his tummy and asked for Kytril. By the time we got to school, he was totally fine and eager to play with his friends. I gave his teacher a heads up just in case, followed up with an apology for giving her so much information during these first… Continue Reading Day 602

Day 599

The first day of the new schoolyear is in the books. The boys woke up happy, and despite very little sleep, I did too. Benjamin’s tummy hurt again, but I was ready with Kytril before he even asked. Michael noticed that Benji’s discomfort yesterday began when we started talking about school. He has such a… Continue Reading Day 599