Day 665/37

At the end of days like this, when I come to this space, I find an exhaustion that permeates everything. I want to collapse but I need to sort things out. I can’t imagine how Benjamin feels. He continues to teach me how to handle this–with patience, bravery, humor and grace. Banyan was up and dressed… Continue Reading Day 665/37

Day 664/36

Today was the day Michael and I set aside to take care of business. We divided and conquered. He worked from home and only went to one meeting, helping me take care of vehicles, dogs, voting, and most importantly, Benjamin’s dental care. Benji can’t have any cavities going into his bone marrow transplant. There is also one… Continue Reading Day 664/36

Day 653/25

Benjamin had a great day today, despite plummeting numbers. His neutrophil count is just 40. That’s lower than it’s been in over a year; he has virtually no immune system. I’m grateful we’ve escaped a fever so far and hope the trend continues. His platelet count was at exactly 10,000, but because of the return… Continue Reading Day 653/25

Day 632/4

Benjamin slept deeply last night. For the first time since we’ve been here, I woke up a full hour before he did. I’d gotten in a yoga routine, two cups of coffee, and the nursing shift change before he opened his eyes. Benji’s labs this morning were just where they should be. His white blood… Continue Reading Day 632/4