Day 578

I slept extremely soundly last night and woke up feeling ready to take action. Benjamin woke up with a tender tummy and got straight into the bathtub. Fortunately his discomfort dissipated quickly. I’ve added some digestive issues to the list of things to discuss with his oncology team tomorrow. The sores on his lips don’t… Continue Reading Day 578

Day 495

The sky was amazing at sunrise from my vantage point on the Ringling Bridge. I came home to prepare breakfast, get Banyan off to the bus stop, and apply numbing cream and dressing to Benji’s port. We kissed Michael goodbye and we were off. The drive north was uneventful. Benjamin’s spirits were high enough; he… Continue Reading Day 495

Day 491

It’s been a beautiful and emotional day. I’m grateful for this sweet white space. I need to shape words around feelings that have no names. The weather has cooled off for the last time before the dog days of summer. It is absolutely perfect outside. I brought both boys lunch at their schools today and… Continue Reading Day 491