Rays Up for Research

Join the Tampa Bay Rays and friends and family of Benjamin Gilkey as we cheer for Benji’s favorite team while raising money for life saving cancer research. A portion of the proceeds from these ticket sales will benefit The Benjamin Gilkey Fund for Innovative Pediatric Cancer Research, which exists to fuel the passions of investigative… Continue Reading Rays Up for Research

A Day of Love, and an Announcement.

Michael and I couldn’t sleep last night. We both reverted to hourly wake-ups. The first pot of coffee was brewed this morning at 5am. We’ll get used to this, and it will eventually morph into some kind of healthy pattern, I’m sure. We vacillate between intense pain and a strange kind of numbness. Even though… Continue Reading A Day of Love, and an Announcement.

Day 770/142

Comments will be disabled for the foreseeable future as our family focuses on Benjamin’s peaceful passage. Your love and prayers are acutely felt and deeply appreciated. There has been another shift of energy in this room. We feel it, our families feel it, our nurses feel it, our community feels it. Mostly, Benjamin feels it.… Continue Reading Day 770/142

Day 766/138

The sky at shift change was a thick, foggy red. This is is a strange and confusing time. I am trying to accept all phases of this slow and peaceful transition, but it is so hard to swallow. We all slept in as late as we could this morning. We woke up needing a quiet… Continue Reading Day 766/138

Day 696/68

Benji slept a lot better last night. We both did. He woke up for the day and coughed for quite some time, but cleared his lungs and moved on. He asked for a hot bath to bring him comfort. The cough disappeared with the daylight hours. This morning’s numbers were sobering. The bright spot was… Continue Reading Day 696/68