Day 608

Both boys were healthy and ready to go to school this morning. Mike was out the door before the sun rose. I, however, woke up with Benjamin’s cold. I got the kids off to school safely, texted Benji’s teacher to fill her in on the platelet and steroid situation, and promptly returned to bed. By… Continue Reading Day 608

Day 579

Over the bridge we went today. Benjamin woke in good spirits, but his tummy was hurting. He was super hungry but nervous about eating. I reminded him that the last time we went to the hospital, he became nauseous from thinking about the medicine. I suggested that this time he take Kytril before we even… Continue Reading Day 579

Day 472

Benjamin hasn’t complained of a sore throat all day. I feel pretty safe in saying we’ve dodged another virus. His steroid pulse also ended this morning. Hallelujah. I realized this morning that he’ll only have one more pulse to navigate during second grade. That’s kind of incredible. We’d considered catching the Rays game at Tropicana Field today,… Continue Reading Day 472

Day 467

Benjamin began his third cycle of long term maintenance today. He woke up calmly and contently. He did not complain when he couldn’t eat breakfast. He did not complain when I placed numbing cream and dressing on his port site. He sat quietly in the car, resolute. His silence concerned me a little, but I bit my… Continue Reading Day 467