Day 586

day 586

There were boys flying in and out of our house all day today. Neighbors excited to welcome Banyan home, to play with Benjamin again, to relish in the freedom of these last two weeks before school starts. Bike rides to the park, basketball here at home, all manner of games played. Their occupation allowed me to work in the morning and complete chores in the afternoon. The laundry from four weeks of camp and four days up north is completed, the fridge is restocked with goodness, and a back-to-school routine is starting to form. I have resumed meal planning based on Benji’s medication schedule. Tonight, just before he took his eighteen weekly Methotrexate pills, we enjoyed a big rainy evening pot of soup with broth and greens. These little things make me feel empowered.

Benjamin has tolerated his recent increase in medicine extremely well. Last week’s steroid pulse did not bring any unmanageable urges. We haven’t needed any antiemetics or pain medication since his Methotrexate increased. 6MP still seems to cause a bit of tummy discomfort in the morning, but Benjamin knows how to soothe himself better than anyone. There are moments I feel vulnerable to fear, and moments I feel overcome with worry. Right now, I feel confident and strong that Benjamin’s body is doing exactly what it needs to do.

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  1. I had to catch up. Thanks for all the posts. You amaze me with all your talent . Family love is what it’s all about. Love and prayers to Gilkey family.

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