Day 241

Today is officially the last day of Delayed Intensification. Once again, I’ve learned that nothing in leukemia (or in life) is predictable. August was not nearly as rough as we’d been led to believe, but July wasn’t the walk in the park we thought it would be either. I am extremely proud and relieved to… Continue Reading Day 241

Day 174

I’m grateful for a clean house and clean dogs. I’m grateful for the machines that are currently washing my dishes and my laundry. I’m grateful for old friends and delicious food. I’m grateful for normal summer sounds like sibling bickery and bouncing basketballs and Michael’s truck pulling into the driveway. I’m grateful for oncologists who are partners, and… Continue Reading Day 174

Day 166

True to the form of these Interim Maintenance hospital stays, Benjamin woke up on day two feeling nauseous. He vomited twice in quick succession. He knows, without a doubt, that the methotrexate is to blame; just the sight of the neon liquid is now a visual trigger for him. He avoids looking at his tubes,… Continue Reading Day 166

Day 165

I stayed up too late last night getting ready for today’s probable hospital admission. I’m glad I did, because I overslept this morning and had no time for last minute preparations. We had a quick breakfast and loaded the car, and made it to the All Children’s Outpatient Clinic just in time for our appointment.… Continue Reading Day 165

Day 158

Benjamin felt yucky again this morning. He woke up early enough to go to Michael’s Monday breakfast meeting, then changed his mind and came back to bed. This was totally unexpected, as he loves being included in Daddy’s workday. He slept until I had to wake him up to get ready to drive north. Banyan… Continue Reading Day 158