Day 362

Must be Tuesday. Michael had some fun errands to run today, like going to the Honda shop, then picking up Kathy’s boat from the marina. So the plan was for him to take the boys for an afternoon of fishing while I stayed home to clean and prepare for our New Year’s Day party. But… Continue Reading Day 362

Day 275

I’m not sure how to begin writing this. So many emotions wrapped up into one October Saturday. There have been many hard days, especially the most recent ones, but I think today may have been the hardest. In addition to witnessing Benji’s pain and managing my own fear and exhaustion, today, I felt anger. Today,… Continue Reading Day 275

Day 242

It was bright and early when the four of us left the house this morning. Benjamin was hungry, but he couldn’t eat in case he made counts for today’s lumbar puncture. I abstained from breakfast in solidarity, and Michael and Banyan waited until they left the house to eat. Benji hoped he wouldn’t make counts.… Continue Reading Day 242

Day 241

Today is officially the last day of Delayed Intensification. Once again, I’ve learned that nothing in leukemia (or in life) is predictable. August was not nearly as rough as we’d been led to believe, but July wasn’t the walk in the park we thought it would be either. I am extremely proud and relieved to… Continue Reading Day 241