Day 238

Benji had the sniffles this morning, and a little bit of a cough. Sometimes these symptoms happen after withstanding long stretches of chemo. He could also be fighting back to school germs, but he hasn’t had a fever, so I was confident he wasn’t contagious. He was bouncing off the walls wanting to go to… Continue Reading Day 238

Day 235

There was excitement in the air this morning. Both of our boys were up, dressed, clean, packed and completely ready to go to school before the sun came up. After the obligatory first day pictures were taken, Michael brought Banyan with him to his Monday morning breakfast meeting, then on to his first day of (gulp)… Continue Reading Day 235

Day 234

Ready or not, the new school year is upon us. Today was spent packing, studying, reading, writing, cooking, and relaxing in preparation for the change we’ll all feel when our alarms beep in the morning. Fresh, crisp outfits are laid out next to backpacks filled with brand new supplies. Lunchboxes are packed and ready in… Continue Reading Day 234

Day 220

Today, while Michael and Banyan were taking in the beauty of Wisconsin’s Peninsula State Park, Benji and I took in a baseball game. When we first met Cody, Benji’s friend who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last August, his mother and I marveled at how similar our boys are. One thing they share is… Continue Reading Day 220

Day 214

We all woke up easily and felt well rested. Benji was calm and sweet upon waking, and neither of us felt nervous. There was a quiet confidence in our house as the sun rose. I packed our lunches and made Benji his requested breakfast. Michael’s sister Gana arrived to join us on our trip over… Continue Reading Day 214

Day 213

I couldn’t sleep last night. It took hours before I finally slept and what felt like minutes before I started waking up over and over. As a result, I was on edge when I woke for the day. I couldn’t quite shake the feeling. After making Benji his first breakfast, my mom and I walked… Continue Reading Day 213