Day 158

Benjamin felt yucky again this morning. He woke up early enough to go to Michael’s Monday breakfast meeting, then changed his mind and came back to bed. This was totally unexpected, as he loves being included in Daddy’s workday. He slept until I had to wake him up to get ready to drive north. Banyan… Continue Reading Day 158

Day 119

We are STILL waiting. I am thankful that we are all learning the lessons we need to learn along this journey. Apparently, the Universe feels the need to pound them repeatedly into our stubborn souls. I began the day up on the Ringling Bridge. It was crazy windy. I allowed the wind to carry away the… Continue Reading Day 119

Day 108

Today was a little bit of a roller coaster. I find such peace in sitting down here to this blank space. Benji woke up with serious back pain that came and went all day long, and into the evening. At times, the pain drove him to tears; other times, it left him alone completely. I thought… Continue Reading Day 108

Day 102

I woke up before my alarm this morning. When Benji sleepily walked down the hall next, he asked, “Do I have to get shots today Mama?” I answered yes, directly. He took a deep breath and a pause, and said, “Okay.” No defeat, no complaint. Just resolution. It was a solid feeling to start our Monday.… Continue Reading Day 102