Day 277

We slept well last night. For the first time in many days, Benji needed no oxygen or Tylenol during his sleeping hours. Sarah and I took this as a very good sign. When Benji woke up and got out of bed for his morning bath, it was clear how much pain he is really in.… Continue Reading Day 277

Day 276

The morning was so uplifting. The afternoon was so dizzying. Now, as I settle in for another night up here on the seventh floor, I am going inward. I am trying to regroup. We have work to do. We slept well last night, and woke up to happy news. Benji’s Methotrexate levels decreased from 0.22… Continue Reading Day 276

Day 269

In my notes last night I wrote, “2:17am, bath 6, so tired.” That’s all. Last night was the third in a row of bath after bath and unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep. Finally Benji acquiesced to pain medicine after 3am. We both got almost four hours of sweet, uninterrupted sleep. Benji’s 6am blood labs, which… Continue Reading Day 269

Day 174

I’m grateful for a clean house and clean dogs. I’m grateful for the machines that are currently washing my dishes and my laundry. I’m grateful for old friends and delicious food. I’m grateful for normal summer sounds like sibling bickery and bouncing basketballs and Michael’s truck pulling into the driveway. I’m grateful for oncologists who are partners, and… Continue Reading Day 174