Day 241

Today is officially the last day of Delayed Intensification. Once again, I’ve learned that nothing in leukemia (or in life) is predictable. August was not nearly as rough as we’d been led to believe, but July wasn’t the walk in the park we thought it would be either. I am extremely proud and relieved to… Continue Reading Day 241

Day 165

I stayed up too late last night getting ready for today’s probable hospital admission. I’m glad I did, because I overslept this morning and had no time for last minute preparations. We had a quick breakfast and loaded the car, and made it to the All Children’s Outpatient Clinic just in time for our appointment.… Continue Reading Day 165

Day 153

Yes, there are patterns here. On the third day of hospital admission, we sleep late. A desperate and deep sleep, easily interrupted and easily resumed. I woke before Benji and watched him sleep over the pages of my book. I learned during rounds this morning that last night’s nurse had given Benji a dose of… Continue Reading Day 153

Day 152

Today’s pattern mimicked the second day of Benjamin’s last hospital stay. He woke up and vomited twice within the first hour. I found myself grateful that we had family visiting last night, when his appetite was strong. I called our sweet nurse in to request a dose of Marinol, the last in Benjamin’s trifold arsenal… Continue Reading Day 152

Day 151

I woke Benjamin up at the last possible minute this morning. All bags were loaded into the car, and Bingo, the giant teddy bear Benji won during his last hospital stay, was riding shotgun. We said goodbye to Michael and Banyan, I put numbing cream on Benji’s port, and we headed north. There were tears… Continue Reading Day 151

Day 150

Some very dear friends from out of town are in our neck of the woods for a beach vacation. We had made plans to visit them this afternoon. First, I needed to go grocery shopping and stock up on healthy food for the hospital fridge, and staples for Michael and Banyan while Benji and I… Continue Reading Day 150