Day 119

We are STILL waiting. I am thankful that we are all learning the lessons we need to learn along this journey. Apparently, the Universe feels the need to pound them repeatedly into our stubborn souls. I began the day up on the Ringling Bridge. It was crazy windy. I allowed the wind to carry away the… Continue Reading Day 119

Day 118

And still, we wait. I thought I was handling things so beautifully today. Just another day. Just another step. I cleaned and cleaned this morning, putting my energy elsewhere. But every time the phone rang my heart jumped up in my throat. We took a cleaning break before our school time to visit our birthing… Continue Reading Day 118

Day 117

Spirits were high this morning. All of us had big days ahead, and we collectively seemed to rise to the occasion. Banyan took a great attitude and some banana muffins down to his friend’s house to catch a ride to school, where more state testing awaited him. (Really? More?) The rest of us–Michael, Benjamin and I–loaded up… Continue Reading Day 117

Day 102

I woke up before my alarm this morning. When Benji sleepily walked down the hall next, he asked, “Do I have to get shots today Mama?” I answered yes, directly. He took a deep breath and a pause, and said, “Okay.” No defeat, no complaint. Just resolution. It was a solid feeling to start our Monday.… Continue Reading Day 102

Day 91

I woke before the sun to walk the Ringling Bridge this morning. When I got home, Benjamin was staring through the window of the front door. He didn’t look happy. His color looked off to me, and I noticed his lips were pale. He said he’d just taken Zofran, not five minutes prior to my… Continue Reading Day 91

Day 33

Tom Petty said it best. The waiting is the hardest part. After two rescheduled phone meetings tonight, we learned that our oncology team is still awaiting the results of Friday’s bone marrow aspirate. We are supposed to receive them sometime in the morning. The energy surrounding this news has been very interesting to experience. We remember the happiness we felt… Continue Reading Day 33