Day 517

Everyone was well enough for school today, which is always a blessing. After I picked the boys up this afternoon, we had a few minutes to kill before going to Benjamin’s end-of-season little league party. We stopped by a few businesses to hang fliers for the Lemonade Stand next Saturday. As we pulled into the ball field,… Continue Reading Day 517

Day 313

Benjamin woke up last night just after I fell asleep. Usually when this happens he crawls into bed with us. Last night, he climbed back up into his own little nest. I was up before the sun to walk the bridge in a fine, misty rain. I was tired; for some inexplicable reason, I thought of… Continue Reading Day 313

Day 194

Benjamin felt much better as the day went on today. He woke up feeling sore and his tummy was tender, so I fed him breakfast and Kytril and we promptly returned to bed. We watched the newer version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was unanimous: the original wins. We progressed through our to-do… Continue Reading Day 194

Day 116

Today held many blessings. In the morning, Benjamin did his schoolwork enthusiastically and without complaint. We are nearly caught up heading into tomorrow’s potentially long hospital day. Just before lunch we Skyped with Benji’s classmates. I had sent Mrs. West a Charlie Brown episode about a little girl with leukemia, and today, she showed it to the… Continue Reading Day 116

Day 111

I woke up forty-five minutes before my alarm went off this morning. I had time to pack lunch for Banyan, wash last night’s dishes, and do yoga before getting ready to head over the Skyway. I found myself nervous. I had denied the feeling as long as I could, but it came today, too forcefully to… Continue Reading Day 111

Day 108

Today was a little bit of a roller coaster. I find such peace in sitting down here to this blank space. Benji woke up with serious back pain that came and went all day long, and into the evening. At times, the pain drove him to tears; other times, it left him alone completely. I thought… Continue Reading Day 108