Day 116

Today held many blessings. In the morning, Benjamin did his schoolwork enthusiastically and without complaint. We are nearly caught up heading into tomorrow’s potentially long hospital day. Just before lunch we Skyped with Benji’s classmates. I had sent Mrs. West a Charlie Brown episode about a little girl with leukemia, and today, she showed it to the… Continue Reading Day 116

Day 111

I woke up forty-five minutes before my alarm went off this morning. I had time to pack lunch for Banyan, wash last night’s dishes, and do yoga before getting ready to head over the Skyway. I found myself nervous. I had denied the feeling as long as I could, but it came today, too forcefully to… Continue Reading Day 111

Day 108

Today was a little bit of a roller coaster. I find such peace in sitting down here to this blank space. Benji woke up with serious back pain that came and went all day long, and into the evening. At times, the pain drove him to tears; other times, it left him alone completely. I thought… Continue Reading Day 108

Day 85

It was a good day. It was a great day. When Benjamin feels well, it makes all the difference in the world. Benjamin had a tummyache this morning, but we caught it early, and his Zofran worked immediately. I think his tummy trouble is twofold; it’s a result of reacclimating to chemotherapy, and it’s a product of increasing… Continue Reading Day 85

Day 78

Sometimes I think this kid is superhuman. In the morning, Benjamin scrambled some eggs, then did five math assignments and aced the test that followed. I had a work meeting by phone–my first since Benji’s diagnosis–and he allowed me to talk for nearly an hour by chasing insects and building bike ramps outside.  He made his own lunch… Continue Reading Day 78