Day 415

It was an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning for youth athletics. Benjamin’s baseball season officially gets underway next Saturday, but the team had a scrimmage today. Michael and I divided and conquered; he took Benji to baseball while I took Banyan to his flag football game. Banyan was on fire. He scored touchdowns, forced interceptions, pulled… Continue Reading Day 415

Day 324

On Saturdays in the fall, University of Florida football is somewhat sacred in our family. This morning we woke before the sun to hit the road north to Gainesville to catch our second Gator game of the season. It was also just the second time we’ve left town, except to go to All Children’s. We packed lightly, without… Continue Reading Day 324

Day 39

Day 1 of Consolidation. We were at All Children’s much longer than we expected, but Benjamin’s first day in this new strengthening phase went extremely well. The effects of the dexamethasone continue to wane. At check-in, Benji’s weight had finally started to show a slight decrease back to normal. And despite the fact that he… Continue Reading Day 39