Day 503

Today felt a lot more manageable than yesterday did. I spoke with the clinic nurse this morning about Benjamin’s toe, and she asked a lot of thoughtful questions. She feels we are taking the proper precautions and doesn’t think antibiotics are necessary. I agree. It was nice to get the validation though. And Benji’s steroid “afterglow” is… Continue Reading Day 503

Day 36

I woke up this morning at 5:29am, one minute before my alarm went off. I had an important date with one bridge before heading over another. When I got back into my car to come home, the sun was rising, the day was clear, and I was ready to take on the second bridge. We dropped Banyan… Continue Reading Day 36

Day 34

We finally got the results of Benjamin’s bone marrow aspirate this morning. It was not the news we wanted to hear. We were looking and hoping for a Minimal Residual Disease number smaller than 0.01, or one cell per 10,000 still infected with leukemia in the marrow. Benjamin’s MRD number was 0.03. This means that he… Continue Reading Day 34

Day 33

Tom Petty said it best. The waiting is the hardest part. After two rescheduled phone meetings tonight, we learned that our oncology team is still awaiting the results of Friday’s bone marrow aspirate. We are supposed to receive them sometime in the morning. The energy surrounding this news has been very interesting to experience. We remember the happiness we felt… Continue Reading Day 33