Day 108

Today was a little bit of a roller coaster. I find such peace in sitting down here to this blank space. Benji woke up with serious back pain that came and went all day long, and into the evening. At times, the pain drove him to tears; other times, it left him alone completely. I thought… Continue Reading Day 108

Day 31

What a nice, relaxing, happy, restful Sunday. I’m so grateful. We began the day with a bountiful and delicious family brunch. In the afternoon, Michael and Benji took a long nap, while I wound up a new skein of yarn and helped Banyan with several school projects due in the coming week. Benjamin was a… Continue Reading Day 31

Day 27

Once again I find myself so grateful for this space, this empty white screen. This day held so much beauty but ended with fear and pain. I need this space to rearrange things back to beautiful before I sleep. In a way, I feel like we’re graduating soon. One more day on dexamethasone, two more days until the… Continue Reading Day 27

Day 22

Friday. A day that used to find us looking forward to happy hour now finds us driving over the Sunshine Skyway with numbing cream, Glad Press ‘n’ Seal, and a new list of questions. We are grateful for each trip. Each little mini-adventure brings us closer to healing, and closer to each other in the process.… Continue Reading Day 22

Day 15

Benjamin is “a Friday guy.” This is the label that stuck with us early on, given to him by one of the nurses instructing us on our road map of treatment. Fridays are the days he’ll be getting chemotherapy throughout the Induction Phase. His first dose was on the 2nd of January. Today was his… Continue Reading Day 15